Parsha of the Week




In Loving Memory

R' Moshe Esral, z"l

A Business Halacha Shiur presented by the Atlanta Scholars Kollel and the Zichron Moshe Business Halacha Institute. Given by Rabbi Eliezer Cohen

The Secret to Real Happiness 02-15-15

Rabbanit Yemima Mizrachi

Moshiach - How It Changes EverythingRabbi Ilan D. Feldman


What is Prayer?Rabbi Dave Silverman


Yesodi HaTorahRabbi Nissim Tagger

Rosh HaYashiva of Birchas HaTorah

Thinking: How to Think

Atlanta Scholars Kollel

Building Dedication


New Series by

Rabbi Doniel Pransky (Rosh Kollel)


In case you missed the latest class by Rebbetzin Pransky you can find it here.

An ongoing personal and spiritual growth program through the mitzvah of tzniyus for women of all ages and backgrounds. Led by Mrs. Esther Pransky

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